“Drink, and dance and laugh and lie,
Love the reeling midnight through,
For tomorrow we shall die!
(But, alas, we never do.)”
~Dorothy Parker

Lady Jane Events ' experience and expertise will ensure that any event from a major corporate function (Golf Day, Gala Dinner etc.) to the most intimate family dinner will be organised with the utmost professionalism and care, adding the personal touches that are sure to impress your guests.

Large birthday parties or wedding anniversaries? Sit back and enjoy them too, Lady Jane Events will do everything for you!

Entertaining friends can be hard work, but entertaining clients can be terrifying. If the fate of a contract is in your hands, be sure to impress .We will show you how to WOW your clients, on the ground, at sea or even in the air. At Lady Jane Events we take care of every detail, from accommodation and transport, throughout your event, to take away gifts and give aways. We can work closely with your PR department or company to ensure your event is perfectly matched and appropriate for your branding.

For more details on our full-bespoke services, contact us now...